Eco-Friendly Lawn and Landscaping Solutions

Partial Zero Emissions • Toxic-free Solutions • Self-Sustainability 

about the company


The History: How it Began

During the summer of 2018, while working as a food runner and attending summer classes, owner Nader Abilmona envisioned a landscaping business built purely on eco-friendly practices. At first, Nader circled neighborhoods contacting local real estate agents through their listings. Word began to spread, and after months of operating out of the trunk of his car, Nader saved enough money to purchase his first work truck. Since then, Nader has grown the Abilmona Landscaping brand through professional relationships with residential clients, vendors, and sub-contractors. 


The Method: Individually Owned and Operated

Abilmona Landscaping has always been and remains to be the only individually owned and operated landscaping business in all of Northern Virginia. This business model allows for a more honest and personal experience for every client. With no employees, there are no overheard costs, and all current and future clients are familiar with who will be caring for their property. Despite the lack of employees, there is no job too small or too big! Nader has developed an extensive list of dedicated interdisciplinary subcontract professionals that complete any work outside of his ability. 


The Goal: Conscious Consumerism and Sustainability

Abilmona Landscaping provides clients with unique solutions to traditional lawn and landscape complexities. Offering toxic-free alternatives to weed repellants, minimizing equipment emissions, and educating the public on self-sustainability are just a few of the methods used to ensure the planet stays beautiful for future generations to come.